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Mozi Demo Program - COMING SOON

The Mozi Demo Program is coming soon, providing consumers with the opportunity to gain firsthand playing familiarity with our premium Mozi Pickleball paddles. This program is designed to allow participants hours of actual playing time with specific models before making a purchasing decision. Simply sign up on the www.mozi-pb.com website, choose up to 2 paddles to demo, and we'll ship them to you for a 7-day trial. At the end of the trial, return the paddles to Mozi using the original packaging and the pre-printed shipping label. You are under no obligation to make any purchase. The consumer only pays for shipping, as the required security deposit will be refunded upon the return of the paddles in good condition. Damaged products or late-arriving products will be charged a prorated fee.

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Mozi Affiliate Marketer's Program

Looking for the ultimate side hustle? Mozi is seeking well-qualified and passionate individuals to join our Affiliate Marketing Program. To be considered, simply reach out to sales@mozi-pb.com. Once selected, you'll receive materials and information to aggressively market Mozi products. We will provide you with a unique sales tracking code to directly monitor your sales efforts. Earn a 10% cash commission on a monthly basis—the more you sell, the more you earn. Join the Mozi Team, have fun, and earn money by building and spreading the Mozi brand.

Mozi Ambassador's Program

Mozi takes pride in its inventory of Pickleball equipment, apparel, and accessories. Join us in spreading the word and expanding the brand! If you hold influence within your Pickleball community, we want to partner with you. As a Mozi Brand Ambassador, you'll receive an exclusive discount code to share widely with your friends, club members, family, students, and more. Enjoy perks like free merchandise, exclusive discounts, and opportunities to play with our products before they're available to the public. As a Mozi Brand Ambassador, you'll actively contribute to building the Mozi brand and have a say in designing future Mozi products.

Mozi "Be the Best" VIP Loyalty Program

At Mozi Pickleball, we value and appreciate our most loyal customers. Introducing our Mozi "Be The Best" VIP Club—a special designation for our top-tier customers. It's simple: the more you buy, the faster you achieve this exclusive status. Once a member, you'll enjoy random freebies (complimentary Mozi gear), exclusive discount codes, early access opportunities, and more. As a member, you can even sign up for our "product in development" testing program. Provide us with your sincere assessment and feedback on our upcoming products, and the product is yours to keep.

Additionally, we encourage and incentivize you to share your videos, testimonials, reviews, and feedback on various aspects such as Mozi products, marketing, branding, product development, inventory mix, and more. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to this exclusive club and working together to build the very BEST Pickleball brand in the world."

Mozi "Play It Forward" Foundation

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